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“Glendale Guitars products are top shelf all the way. The highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship make it. The Glendale Guitars bridges and saddles are absolutely superb! Load up with a Glendale bridge-plate and saddle set and create a rip-roarin’ tone monster.”

- Billy F Gibbons 

I have been using Glendale Brass Intone and Wide Intone saddles since I got my first set in 2006. I really can’t use anything else. They sound right, feel right and tune up better that anything else and look stylish as well.  ( I have occasionally tried some other compensated saddles and they never feel or sound right to me)  The Wide Intone set allows for perfect intonation on my low tuned teles.   I even use the Brass Intone set on my High tuned tele (tuned up a 4th ). Another important feature is the placement and profile of the height adjustment screws. They never stick up and scratch up my hand or get in the way of the string. Just another small detail that makes these saddles perfect for me. If I get a new tele,  first thing I do is get a new set of Glendale on there!

- Tim Lerch The gang all with Glendale Saddles

"I am very pleased that the future of twang is in the worthy hands of Dale 'Glendale Guitars' Clark ...his ideas on getting tone are revolutionary"
- Pete Anderson

“Every once in awhile someone puts a new twist on something and after you've seen it you wonder two things....Why didn't someone think of this years ago....& now that I've used this , how will I ever get by with out it!!! These saddles are at the top of that list!!!!! Your saddles are so perfectly angled that intonating with my strobe was a breeze and the guitar is more in tune than its ever been....ever!!! So much so that to hear it in tune that accurately is almost a shock!!! Thank You so much for this Tele contribution!!!! Nashville session musician for the recording industry. Bill was a member of TNN's Music City Tonight band and played for the likes of Dolly Parton, Chet Atkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Bill's guitar playing can be heard on a variety of artists' albums from Trisha Yearwood, Emmylou Harris and Pam Tillis to Merle Haggard, Joe Diffie and Alabama.”

- Bill Hullett

“I got the Glendale saddles, I put em' on my guitar and & poof! I was in tune for the first time in my telehog'n life. Plus, I get more balz, by mixing the brass & aluminum saddles. So I ordered the new non-magnetic bridge, and my Tele came to life, more overtones & harmonics, so I'm gettin' this stuff for ALL my Tele's! Thank You Dale for re-inventing the radial!! "My new Glendale is PURRRRRFECT! The neck profile is just right, the weight is unbelievable, and the sound is soooo balzy & punchy. Dale is too easy to work with!"

- Redd Volkaert

“These Glendale saddles will land on every Tele I own from now on... Or any other guitar I have that uses barrel-style saddles. Rock solid and intonation right on the money. Saddles don't slip around. And most of all...tone. Right amount of spank and resonance. Thanks Dale!!”

- Peter Stroud

“I put the Glendale Brass Bridge saddles on my 53 Tele and the intonation and tone was perfect love them !! , thanks Dale at Glendale.”

- Jim Weider

"Glendale guitar parts will make a huge difference in your TONE! My Telecaster sounds AMAZING now, you can really hear the difference!"

- Eric Mantel

“Love my light runnin, smooth fingering Dreamcaster! I can play the gig and not go away with my back hurting. Dale gave me just the right neck to go with all the groovy parts and pickups!
thanks Dale.”

- Tommy Alverson

"I installed a set of Retro Rockets: 3 aluminum and 3 brass. WOW!!!! I can't believe my ears!!! I immediately heard a difference. So much clarity and sustain. I am blown away. Thank you Dale."

- Paul Crook

“Dale's stuff really, truly works. I put his bridge and saddle setup on my Tele, and instantly it sounded better - a LOT better."

- Rich Brotherton, The Robert Earl Keen Band


"Dale thank you for makin' such a badass instrument. The craftsmanship is as good as it gets. This guitar has as good a neck as I've ever had in my hands........... 10's feel like 9's The combination of light weight pine body and three way Tele bridge creates some of the best spanking strat tones as you can imagine. This guitar sparkles yet barks when you need it. A great combination of parts. Thanks Man"

- Lou Toomey Lead guitarist for Brooks & Dunn

“As soon as I hit just a simple G chord on my Tele, I felt my guitar vibrate in a way it had not done ever before. I literately felt every note I played sustaining through the guitar into the side of my body. It really surprised me, cause I did not think I could get anything more out of my Tele acoustically. Plugged in, it only got better. The tone was now more musical all around & very nuanced. It pretty much opened up my guitar, and the in-between pickup position finally sounded right. Harmonics and overtones… out of this world!!! My already killer sounding Fred Stuart pickups now sound even better. They are perfectly balanced, and I could NOT have achieved that with good pickups alone. It took the right bridge and saddles to balance it all out. I also feel that touch sensitivity is greatly improved, and that allows me to manipulate my tone in any direction I please. Thanks Dale for such a killer product. I should have bought this bridge long ago. It was a really important missing piece in the puzzle, and it could easily have been missed. -Dale, you have this S*** down!!!”

- Jacob Petersen

“I received my vintage "Blackguard" double-cut bridge-plate and brass Cutting Edge saddle set from Dale and as soon as I opened the box I was very impressed with the quality of the products, and the way they looked. After putting them on my Tele I was shocked with the sound and intonation, making playing fun again! Thanks Glendale Guitars for making my work much easier! Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Love 'n 'Rock 'n 'Roll'.”

- Peter Czajer

"I received my Glendale order upon my return from the ZZ Top tour and proceeded to install the Double Cut and Wide Intone saddles on one of my fave Telecasters. I actually picked my best sounding Tele...one that has always had "it" and has been my "go to" Tele. Now...I knew your saddles were superior just from my experience with other aftermarket offerings. However..... I honestly didn't think it could be improved on so much. The bar has been raised so high that I feel lame for not being aware of the difference before. What was considered to be a fantastic sounding Tele before your bridge/saddle set, is now in a league all it's own. The MAJOR leagues. It's a mind blowing experience. The way the guitar rings, sings...and the harmonic content is simply unbelievable. DAMN....I would safely say that without your bridge and saddles on a Telecaster, it is not going to reach it's full potential. Thanks so much! Now I suppose I'll have to keep buying more because I cannot see owning a Telecaster without them. Talk to you soon, elwood"

- Elwood Francis

“#011 This guitar plays like a dream. Sounds great, rings like a bell, great clarity, sustain and tone, Put her through my Gibson BR1 where the Lady really sang!! Love the unfinished wood too!”

- Ray Flacke 

“I'm using the new Glendale tele on stage and in the studio. The best thing I can say about it is, I left my '53 at home. The Glendale delivers.”

- Terry Glaze

“I can not say enough about my Glendale bass. It is everything I have always wanted in an instrument and more. It is one of the lightest basses I have played. The neck is amazing, the best I have ever played on and the tone is super vintage girth. And I really like the 2 compensated saddle bridge, very comfortable to play on. Dale has done an amazing job creating a custom vintage guitar. Duck Dunn would be proud. Hats off to Glendale!”

- Aden Bubeck

“I have been using Glendale bridges and saddles on my custom built Pinecaster guitars for sometime now. There is nothing out there that compares to Dale's products. The tone that I get from using a combination of his "Twang" saddles and a Glendale bridge can only be described as pure Tele heaven. Perfect intonation, high grade quality metals and precision craftsmanship are just a few of the reasons I use Glendale for my builds. I have even requested a custom made bridge from Glendale. Try doing that from some of the other companies. My style of playing is demanding in many ways because I have always liked so many different types of music. Songs like the "Cowboy Song" by the Amazing Rhythm Aces sparkle to life on the Tele. I would have never imagined writing a song like "Oasis" and performing it with a Telecaster until I heard the tracks played back at the studio. Putting a set of Glendale saddles and bridge on Ol' Piney truly put that guitar in a whole different class! Thanks Dale.”

- Arlo West

“I had installed Glendale saddles and bridge plates on 2 other Teles and was so impressed that I went ahead and ordered a Glendale guitar #008. Dale was so patient (I'm VERY indecisive) and helpful in picking out EVERYTHING to my fit my needs. He basically took all of my favorite aspects from other guitars and rolled them into one SUPER-GUITAR! Then he finished it in a beautiful vintage color. The weight and balance of the guitar is exceptional. I am very happy with my purchase and you will be too. Thanks for everything Dale.”

- Alex Weeden, Guitarist for Miranda Lambert

"It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang, and the Glendale bridge-plate and saddles make my Tele sang"
- Scotty Wray, Guitarist for Miranda Lambert

Thanks for the great products!”

- Steve Rhian

“The "Blackguard” Cold Rolled Steel Base Plate combo-ed with Brass Intone Cutting Edge Saddles was the missing element in achieving “REAL_DEAL 100% Vintage Tone” Some of you may already know that I have been a lucky man in my personal quest for recreating absolute dead ringer true to the bone vintage guitar pickups. And lately I seem to have an ever growing/increasing repetition for being one of the very few “Pickup Winders” That’s honestly tapped right into what made “Vintage – Vintage!” And unlocked secrets as to why some of those old guitars sounded so dang great and some even better then others of the exact same vintage. This has allowed me to actually clone old guitar pickups and then actually prove it! As we go on to A & B my pickups -- side by side – with some golden ear pros in the very same room as we A & B my pickups with these great old guitars… Prior to installing Glendale’s Blackguard Bridge -- I happened to noticed that 2 particular Tele’s a 53’ and a 54’ had a interesting sound that seemed to somehow be generated and actually coming from the bridge area… and the old Tele’s had a more solid sound to the notes.. Also the Old Tele’s -- they did not have this slight metallic splatter dangling on the tail end of every note. This metallic splatter sound would sometimes make it hard to find the neck rhythm sound I needed to find quickly while trying to get in the mix with a live band.. It would also make the bridge pickup sound a little too crazy as false sounds were attaching themselves to the notes. Glendale’s Blackguard Bridge was the final chapter in achieving (true as life) real 100% re-created Vintage Tone.. The bridge is also very-very important to what was making these Old Tele’s so dang special – that underestimating the properties of sound that the bridge plate is responsible for is a fools game.. ( I was guilty myself of not ever wanting to admit or believe that these special bridges did so much) The hard fact of life is all these new reissue Hot Rolled Steel newer/modern bridge plates are adding unwanted and un-musical sounds to the mix and ruining your chance at actually enjoying real vintage tone without the $50,000.00 mint 50’s Tele… There’s a reason that’s beyond “investment opportunities” that created the Vintage craze.. It was sound/tone and there was no mistaking when you heard a good one out of the bunch because it pretty much would cause your jaw to drop. They were reasons why they sounded so good.. Even if Leo himself was un! aware of ever single little reason… but truth of the matter is it happened and it’s true! and there’s living proof out there still today… as every now and then some guy with a real vintage guitar sends us home with our tail between our legs.. Well those days are over.. There’s some good guys making real vintage pickups today (I surely hope I am one!) and you now have Glendale’s Blackguard Bridge and Intone Cutting Edge Brass Saddles… and some nice true replica vintage pickups, just add a resonate body and fat back neck and [also: one more important part of the tone-chain “a good NOS tone Cap” something from the 1950’s or 60’s that’s rated at 100-Volt ONLY! And .050 mfd. GOOD-ALLs and Sprague VQ’s have a very musical tone and are a huge player in your vintage sound – search E-bay for these and pay whatever it takes to win it! ] There is nothing like playing these recreated and real vintage instruments the cost and the price of all these items to recreate a good vintage instrument is peanuts when you compare it to the thousands you would spend trying to buy a real one… and even if you did get a real one the chances of it actually being one of the really great old vintage guitars is growing less and less as time moves on and the good ones are snatched up.”

- Don Mare/Buck Cannon

“A couple years ago you gave me a set of your brass saddles to try out but my laziness took over and I never used them. Then I bought one of your broadcaster bridge plates last year at the Dallas show and I finally got around to putting it on one of my parts guitars. Well, shame on me for waiting this long! This bridge-plate combined with your brass saddles made this average guitar an awesome guitar! Better sustain, more harmonics, man this thing just oozes pure tele tone now! I also put on a set of your heavy knurled aluminum knobs...also very nice, easy to grab and control with that deep/heavy knurling. Thanks Dale for making a great product!”

- Ronnie Crecelius, Lead Guitar Steve Helms Band

“Dale makes THE best guitars and parts on the planet ! I have used his saddles and bridge plates on every tele I own and can't imagine playing without them now. They completely change the way you hear a telecaster and how it should sound . Perfect intonation and pure quality. My Paulownia body Glendale has become my favorite guitar. The necks are pure 100 % perfection! Body is very resonant and feather light ... Just all around the best really! Looking forward to a great friendship and being a loyal customer !”

- Clay Willis

“Although I had a pretty bad experience with a guitar builder in USA, who promised me to make a vintage replica telecaster last year but never delivered anything, I was still toying with the idea of ordering a custom-made dream telecaster. Then I came across Glendale's website this spring and noted his philosophy with keen interest, and so it all started. First I ordered Glendale's non-magnetic bridge plate + saddles for my other two telecasters. These turned out to be a very useful up-grade; nothing left to be desired anymore for these tele's. Convinced by the remarkable quality and tonal results of those bridge plates, I decided shortly afterwards to get myself that custom-built telecaster as per my specifications, with great confidence in the Glendale company. Since one month I am the proud owner of this production guitar #004, and I'd like to share my experience with you guys, my fellow tele-pickers. I've learned already that wood quality, construction and a lightweight body are critical factors for a livelier, groovacious solid-body tone and great sustain. This guitar features a one-piece ash body (Lbs 3.2) from the swamps of Louisiana. The neck has some of the straightest-grained maple wood I've ever seen, excellent beefy shape, beautifully finished with a very thin nitro lacquer, and feels supremely responsive. In my opinion you can recognize the over-all workmanship just by how the neck has been made! This one is super stable and therefore stays in tune very easily. From the very first minute, the guys of my band noticed how remarkably well-tuned this guitar sounded. Further on, this guitar has been equipped with a set of Dale's own pick-ups, including a 5 pole-staggered bridge pup, which gives great twang, spank, bite, definition, brilliance, chicken-speak, cluck and roundness, which are so important for that bottom-end tightness that conjures up that typical tele-tone we all want!In short, no reason for changing anything, since the combination of high-quality materials and superb workmanship results in a real killer guitar! All the hardware gives plenty of confidence, as this one is so well-balanced sound wise and so unforgivingly well-tuned that she really forces me to play neat and clean. During these past exciting months, Dale proved to be very helpful, with a fine eye for details and ideas, which he always communicated in a very pleasant way to me on my side of the planet. It was a thrill to make this project happen! With grateful thanks again, and keep up the good work, Dale! September 22nd, 2006 Amsterdam”

- Bart Baudoin

“They are absolutely fabulous and they seem to fatten up my overall tone without sacrificing any twang at all. They intonate dead on perfect and the angled height adjustment screws stay completely off my bridge anchor screws which lets me adjust them as far back as I need to. I honestly think you have Vintique beat with these things buddy and I am proud to say I have them on my guitar!”

- Justin Alverson

“The guitar is from May 1953, two months younger than Roy Buchanan's Nancy. And mine plays in perfect tune now. If I only had Roy's soul...”

- Robert Bogdan

“Just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipment & great saddles. I got them installed a few days ago & they are awesome! Look great & sound even better. Nice being able to play in tune anywhere on the neck now. Thanks again & take care”
- Jeff James

“After buying a set of saddles from Glendale and being delighted with those, I realized that there were other interesting things that Dale had available. I've long had an urge to try a pine bodied Tele, like the first ones made, and so I bought one of the pine bodies, 1.5 inches thick and one piece, a non-magnetic bridge-plate, some more saddles...and went to work. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it is now finished and I am more than pleased with the outcome. It is very resonant with a long sustain (almost piano like) but still, undoubtedly Tele! Here it is... body #6.”

- Ron Garson

“Here's a guitar that I just finished. The body is a Glendale 1-piece pine, bridge plate is a Glendale double notched magnetic, saddles are Glendale original brass intones, the neck is a Bruce Johnson broadcaster replica, pickups are GVCG/Lollar AlNiCo 3s, and the rest of the parts are from Callaham. The neck and body were finished by Kerry Char (Char Luthries), who also did the final assembly and set-up. The end result has exceeded my wildest expectations. I was shooting for a darker, woodier sound and I got that and more. It has beautiful, weird harmonic overtones and it really speaks. Thanks, Dale. I appreciate all your help and the care you've put into your products. Your love of the Telecaster shines through.”

- Eric Patton

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