The Lollar/Glendale Pickup Set


The neck pickup has the warmth and clarity that you have not heard in a single coil pickup. It has the strength of a Humbucker with the clarity of a single coil. The extended magnets 1/4 inch longer than a traditional neck pickup gives this pickup the add strength and great tone.

The bridge pickup has all the sparkle and percussive punch that you expect to hear. From Bakersfield Twang, Soulful Blues, Rock, and Jazz this set covers all genres.


0.825” Alnico 5 Magnets
43G Plain Enamel Wire
Approx. 7.5-7.9K (DC varies with temperature and humidity so resistance readings will never be exact)
Polished Nickel or Raw Nickel Covers
0.656” Alnico 3 Magnets
42G Plain Enamel Wire
Approx. 7.3k-7.7k
Un-coated Steel Baseplate
Black String Wrap

Price $350.00 Polished Nickel Cover