Glendale "Hardtail"

The Vintage "Hartail" bridge-plate is made out of cold rolled steel, the same material used on the 1950's guitars. This plate will give your guitar a very balanced tone, the highs, mids and lows balance out equally, adding warmth, and twang, taking your guitar to a new level of excellence. Comes in chrome, and raw deal finish. The plate thickness is .048, which is a major key in tone. All models are solid one-piece construction. All plates come with screws and saddle springs. All "Raw-Deal" parts are unpolished and un-plated steel. Saddles sets sold separately.

Price 125.00
The vintage "Hardtail" satin chrome

Price 125.00
The vintage "Hardtail" The "Raw-Deal"

Comes with screws and saddle springs.